Ironflame™ - Watch/Bracelet

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This watch is both, an incredible timepiece and an awesome bracelet at the same time. The futuristic and slim design, made by Swiftdealz, brings an impeccable time reading display as a watch, displayed by LED light in either 12 hour (US) or 24 hour modes. Easy to read as the hour and minute section are located at the upper and lower areas respectively.

Looking for a timepiece with a power saving component? The LED turns off after a couple of seconds if no button is pressed. This feature automatically saves battery while giving it that simple look of a sleek and elegant bracelet. The time and date can be adjusted by simply pressing the side buttons and its quality frame can be polished and crafted to improve its appearance and enhance its longevity. It's glowing exterior and stylish appearance makes it perfect for just about any outfit or attire. It's simply to wear and take-off as the clasp is the folding-over-to-lock type that gives it the functionality that you desire.


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